Solvent Dyes


Solvent Dyes

Our solvent dyes are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents and plastic. In other words, the chemicals which easily dissolve in other chemicals forming solution are solvent dyes. They are also oil dyes which are soluble in oil preparing oil-soluble dyes. Some of the typical solvents are ketones, ethers, alcohols, fats, oils, wax, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. They directly used in the coloration of product. The molecules of these solvent are non-polar that do not easily undergo ionization.

Solvent Yellow 2
Solvent Yellow 14
Solvent Yellow 33
Solvent Yellow 56
Solvent Yellow 62
Solvent Yellow 72
Solvent Yellow 82
Solvent Yellow 90
Solvent Red 8
Solvent Red 23
Solvent Red 24
Solvent Red 89
Solvent Red 119
Solvent Red 122
Solvent Red 127
Solvent Red 132
Solvent Red 207
Solvent Orange 2
Solvent Orange 7
Solvent Orange 54
Solvent Orange 58
Solvent Orange 62
Solvent Orange 99
Solvent Blue 4
Solvent Blue 35
Solvent Blue 36
Solvent Blue 38
Solvent Blue 48
Solvent Black 5
Solvent Black 7
Solvent Black 27
Solvent Black 29
Solvent Black 34
Solvent Green 3
Solvent Green 7

We are expert solvent dyes supplier who has provided qualitative products at length. Our solvent and oil soluble dyes are

  • Completely soluble in organic solvents do not form residue or separate layer
  • Importantly used to achieve consistent color
  • Very naturally soluble in non-polar mediums like fats, oils and fuels
  • Insoluble in water
  • Transparent in color except white
  • Versatile finishing tool, used as coloring agent in many products
  • Excellent at light fastness and heat sustainability

We are solvent dyes exporter where our solvents are high in demand for its bright, transparent shades when used in coloration of polymeric materials. They produce beautiful opaque shades when used along with zinc sulfide or titanium dioxide pigments.


Solvent dyes are used to color organic solvents, hydrocarbon fuels, lubricants, wax, plastics and other hydrocarbon-based non-polar materials. Our dyes for ink are used ball point pens, marking pens, printing inks, foil printing, polishes, leathers, wood stain, acrylic resin, varnishes and shellacs. They are also used in automotive lubricants, cutting industry, signalling smoke and pyrotechnics industry. In plastic community, solvent dyes are used to color variety of solid materials like nylon, polyester, acetates, acrylics, PVC, PMMA, PETP, polystyrene and styrene monomers. Many solvent dyes are used to produce stains to identify various cell structure components in scientific research and medical diagnostics.
We are dyes manufacturer India offering pure and low impurity solvent dyes. We fulfil special needs of plastic coloration. Our solvent dyes withstand over 350 degrees C of temperature during extrusion and injection during plastic moulding process.