Rr dyes


Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes was introduced in 1956, primarily belongs to a class of highly colored organic substances. While dyeing the reactive groups of reactive dyes forms covalent bond between fibre polymer and dye which makes dye integral part of fibre. Hence, they are known for its enhanced fastness property. These dyes have stable electron arrangement which protect fibre from the adverse effect of ultra-violet rays. The significant chemical bonding improves the overall color stability and washability of the product makes these dyes most permanent of all other dye types. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular dyes used in textile industry all across the world.

RR Dyes

RR is a new range of three color combination for the exhaust dyeing process. These 3 new dyes show a uniform dyeing performance. These dyes are mainly used in the exhaust dyeing process at 60°c for medium and deep shades.

RR new series consist of :

  • Yellow RR
  • Excellent levelling properties
  • Red RR
  • Blue RR

Medium to deep shades can be dyed cost effectively, as they imparts very good build up, high process reliability, and uniform fixation ensuring very good level dyeing. In pale shades royal blue bb can be used instead of blue rr because of higher light fastness. The dyeing results of Yellow RR, Red RR and Blue RR remains almost the same even under a wide variation of dyeing parameters.


  • Very good build up in deep shades too
  • Good washing off properties
  • All round balanced fastness level
  • Uniform exhaustion and fixation as well as level-dyeing
  • Very good reproducibility
  • Three basic component for trichromatic combination
  • Cost effective dyes
RR Dyes Suitability Fastness to
solubility2 exhaust-dyeing printing padding light2 washing-iso3 perspiration2 hypochlorite2 dischargeability2
Yellow RR zero 100 S S S 4 4-5 5 2 D
Red RR 80 S S S 5 4-5 4-5 2-3 MD
Blue RR 100 S S S 6-7 4-5 4 3-4 D