Reactive Hexl dyes


Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes was introduced in 1956, primarily belongs to a class of highly colored organic substances. While dyeing the reactive groups of reactive dyes forms covalent bond between fibre polymer and dye which makes dye integral part of fibre. Hence, they are known for its enhanced fastness property. These dyes have stable electron arrangement which protect fibre from the adverse effect of ultra-violet rays. The significant chemical bonding improves the overall color stability and washability of the product makes these dyes most permanent of all other dye types. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular dyes used in textile industry all across the world.


REACTIVE HE-HEXL dyes are the latest generation of bi-monochlorotriazine reactive dyes which have excellent reproducibility and level dyeing properties. The molecular structure of the individual products in the range has been engineered to help the modern dye houses in going one step closer to the concept of right-first-time production. This range of dyes along with REACTIVE HE dyes provides a complete range for meeting all the requirements of a modern dyer i.e. a complete shade gamut, a choice of dyestuffs for excellent level dyeing and reproducibility, very good build-up behaviour, and fastness properties to meet international standards.

REACTIVE HEXL dyes offer

  • Excellent reproducibility of shade even with minor variations in application conditions.
  • Excellent level dyeing performance
  • Economy and excellent build-up in exhaust dyeing.
  • Good wash-off properties leading to high wet fastness ratings.