Organic Pigments for Inks


Organic Pigments

We are leading organic pigment manufacturer and supplier offering complete range of colorants used for coating applications, plastics, inks and rubber series. We offer general purpose to high performing grade pigments assisting customers finding right solution for applications.

Natural Organic Pigments Synthetic Organic Pigments
Miscellaneous: e.g Rose-Madder, Bone Black, Carbon Black Quinacrid ones Phthaloc yanines Perylenes Pyr roles Ary lamides Metal Complexes: e.g Transparent Yellow, New Gamboge Miscellaneous: e.g Dioxazsine in Danthrone.

Organic Pigments for Inks

We are manufacturer and supplier of wide range of color dyes and pigments which has gained honorable success and high level of appreciation in the world for its superb quality and performance. Pigment is most important ingredients of ink that use some form of carbon. The selection of pigment for ink has become highly specialized subject, classified based on color and functional properties. Our organic pigment for ink offer remarkable features like safe usage, low pH sensitivity and accurate composition. They are prominently used in writing pen ink, screen ink, printing ink and ink jet ink.

C.I.Generic Name C.I.Number CAS Number Family EINECS No. Shade
Mass (5%) Tint 1:10 ratio
Pigment Green 7 74260 1328-53-6 Cu,Phthalo green 215-524-7
Pigment Blue 15.1 74160 147-14-8 Cu,Phthalo Blue, unstable 205-685-1
Pigment Blue 15.3 74160 147-14-8 Cu,Phthalo Blue , stable 205-685-1
Pigment Yellow 12 21 090 6358-85-6 Diarylide Yellow 228-787-8
Pigment Yellow 13 21 100 5102-83-0 Diarylide Yellow 225-822-9
Pigment Yellow 83 21108 5567-15-7 Diarylide Yellow 226-939-8
Pigment Red 48:2 15 865:2 7023-61-2 BONA,Ca 230-303-5
Pigment Red 53:1 15585:1 2/1/5160 B-Naphthol , Ba 225-935-3
Pigment Red 57:1 15 850:1 4/9/5281 BONA,Ca 226-109-5
Pigment Red 170 12 475 2786-76-7 Naphthol AS 220-509-3
Pigment Orange 13 21110 3520-72-7 Disazopyrazolone 225-530-3
Pigment Orange 34 21115 15793-73-4 Disazopyrazolone 239-898-6