Lake Food Colors


Lake Food Colors

We are well-known Lake Food color manufacturer and supplier in India. Lake food color is made up of primary colors that meets appropriate quality standard of food authority. They are produced by adsorption of water soluble pigment on hydrated aluminum substrate that renders water insoluble color. The final product is colored following a process of diffusing Lake into product or through coating exterior side of the product. Our lake food colors are more firm and stable in comparison to corresponding water-soluble colors. They are best coloring agents for products that contain oils and fats or products that do not have adequate moisture to liquefy colors. Lakes are pigments which gives color to the product by dispersing tiny color particles. This means more is finely ground particles the more effective color would be. In other words, it can be said that minimum particle size maximum degree of variance.

We offer very fine powdered Lake Food colors gives increased shelf-life to end product with minimum use of color. They have greater resistance towards air and moisture giving high fastness properties to end product. They are opaque and dispersible covers any surface with just low quantity of colors. They produce different tints and shades with different strengths that remain constant on applying any number of coatings.

We supply lake food colors to various industries involved in manufacturing edible food preparation, personal care products, confectionery, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and plastic packaging materials. We are reputed lake food color exporters providing our customers high value for color further used in manufacturing extreme finesse products.

Moisture content
Characteristics Lakes Dyes
Pure dye content Generally 10-40% Primary colors….85-93%
Solubility Insoluble in most solvents Soluble in water propylene, glycol, glycerine
Method of coloring By dispersion By being dissolved
Rate of use 0.1% to 0.3% 0.1 to 0.03%
Site of particle Less than 5 microns 12 mesh to 200 mesh
Light Better Good
Heat Better Good
Coloring Not propartional to pure Directly proportional to pure
Dye content Dye content
Shade Varies with pure dye content Constant


Yellow 4 19140 E 102 F.D. & C.Yellow 5 Food Yellow 4
Red 17 16035 E 129 F.D. & C. Red 40 Food Red 17
Blue 2 42090 E 133 F.D. & C. Blue 1 Food Blue 2
Red 7 16255 E 124 Food Red 7
Red 14 45430 E 127 F.D. & C. Red 3 Food Red 14
Blue 1 73015 E 132 F.D. & C. Blue 2 Food Blue 1
Red 9 16185 E 123 F.D. & C. Red 2 Food Red 9
Yellow 13 47005 E 104 D. & C. Yellow 10 Food Yellow 13
Red 3 14720 E 122 Food Red 3 Azorubine
Yellow 3 15985 E 110 F.D. & C. Yellow 6 Food Yellow 3