Inorganic Pigments for Inks


Inorganic Pigments

We also offer complete range of inorganic pigments used for coating applications, plastics and inks. They are made up of natural mineral compounds comprises of mainly oxides, sulphides of one or more than one metal. Our inorganic pigments exhibit excellent attributes and functioning that come through combination of special manufacturing processes. They are mainly used for coating application, plastics and ink show high resistance towards weather, heat and chemicals.

Inorganic Pigments for Inks

Inorganic pigments for ink are either obtained from natural sources or processed from mineral precursors, mainly classified based on color, and functional properties. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is prominently used white pigment for ink; however, zinc oxide, zinc sulfide and lithopone are less frequently used pigments. Inorganic pigments are generally used as fillers or extenders which includes natural clay and synthetically produced material that reduce the cost of ink. We are leading suppliers of inorganic pigments for ink offering best technical and application properties. Artistic ink is major endeavor, prominently used in artistic work that gives resistance towards humidity, temperature, light intensity that may cause bad effects to valuable collection found in museums.

C.I. Generic Name C.I. Number CAS Number Family EINECS No. Shade
Mass (5 %) Tint 1:10 ratio
Lemon Chrome 77600-77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Middle Chrome 77600-77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Scarlet Chrome 77605 12656-85-8 Molybdenum Orange 235-759-9