Inorganic Pigments for Coating


Inorganic Pigments

We also offer complete range of inorganic pigments used for coating applications, plastics and inks. They are made up of natural mineral compounds comprises of mainly oxides, sulphides of one or more than one metal. Our inorganic pigments exhibit excellent attributes and functioning that come through combination of special manufacturing processes. They are mainly used for coating application, plastics and ink show high resistance towards weather, heat and chemicals.

Inorganic Pigments for Coating

We offer wide range of inorganic pigments for coating that gives best performance and opacity on the product. They are offer strong tinting, better glossy appearance preventing UV light absorption. They hide substrates and reduce maintenance cost of costly machinery.

Our inorganic pigments for coating are widely used in Automotive OEM, automotive refinish, heavy equipment and machinery used in commercial and construction business, and lot more.

C.I. Generic Name C.I. Number CAS Number Family EINECS No. Shade
Mass (5 %) Tint 1:10 ratio
Lemon Chrome 77600-77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Middle Chrome 77600-77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Prime Rose Chrome 77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Scarlet Chrome 77605 12656-85-8 Molybdenum Orange 235-759-9
Pigment Blue 29 77007 57455-37-5 Ultra marine blue 309-928-3